Bohannon is an ancient name of Scottish origin. For our branch of the family's genealogy CLICK HERE>>

In 1296, Malcolm de Bougheannan signed the Second Ragman Roll. After the death of Queen Margaret in 1291, there were a number of claimants to the Scottish throne. When it became obvious that Scotland couldn't make the decision without all out clan wars, King Edward of England offered to hear their cases and decide who had the most valid claim. When the Noblemen who were involved met with Edward at Norham on Tweed, Edward insisted in having them sign oath of allegiance to him, partly because he was afraid of making an unpopular choice and causing a riot among the Scots. The document signed by most of the noblemen is called the first and smallest of the Ragman Rolls.

Balliol resisted the demands of Edward so the King sent an army and fought the Scots at the Battle of Dunbar. He proceeded across Scotland and stole some most important Scot artifacts such as the Stone of Destiny, where Scot Kings had been inaugurated from the earliest times, the Scottish Crown and the archives of Scottish Records.

On August 28, 1296, Edward again called together the Scots royalty and armies and asked them to swear allegiance to him and to sign another Ragman Roll. As the noblemen did this, they affixed their wax seals to the parchment and they often attached their own ribbon to the wax.